Additional Products

Set the stage for your patio, beach trip. party, holiday, season or special function!

Personalize It

Special designed umbrellas are available. You simply select the umbrella design of your choice. If the colors are not what you prefer you can change them. Your umbrella can be personalized for you or your special occasion. You will also be able to coordinate your umbrella, tent, tablecloths, toppers, etc. for your personal patio, holiday, season, beach trip, or any special occasion. Two umbrella sizes or offered. Select a 7.5’ wide umbrella or 9’ wide umbrellas.

 Umbrella Toppers

Select a special designed umbrella topper to top off your umbrella. We have a good topper selection. You can pick a topper to coordinate with your umbrella or you may prefer a fun topper to set the umbrella theme.

Coordinating Tents and Tablecloths

Tents may be purchased. You can select a solid color, a pretty stripe or one similar in design to your umbrella. The tents and umbrellas can be selected and purchased to coordinate your occasion. Tents come in several sizes and shapes.  Tablecloths can be selected by color, stripes, theme or one can be especially designed for you and your event.

Extra Umbrella Canopies

If you already have one of our umbrellas and would like to order another design, you may order an additional canopy only. You already have a pole. All you need to do is unscrew the umbrella topper, remove the umbrella pockets from each umbrella arm and store your canopy in a safe place. Then when your additional canopy arrives, put the canopy over the top of your umbrella pole and screw in your topper through the proper hole at the top of your umbrella. Then simply put each umbrella arm in a pocket that is already on the canopy. Now you have a new umbrella.


  • Purchase an umbrella cover to protect your umbrella.
  • Purchase an umbrella carrying bag with a shoulder strap for your beach umbrella. This bag will hold your towel and have a special section for your cell phone and other personal items. You may have your umbrella bag personalized.
  • Additional umbrella poles may be ordered separately if needed or desired.